New 2020 - 2021 Family Life Education (FLE) lesson reviews and chart now posted! is a group of Fairfax County mothers and fathers whose backgrounds include education, health care, and biology and whose children attend or graduated from Fairfax County Public Schools. We believe parents need to know what is being taught in FLE lessons and decide for themselves whether those lessons are appropriate for their children. Busy parents ourselves, we want to help other busy parents by identifying which lessons should be looked at most closely.

Some lessons taught in the new FLE curriculum are widely accepted by most parents, but others:

  • encourage behaviors contrary to personal health and well-being,
  • are age-inappropriate, inaccurate, or incomplete, and
  • contradict the stated goals of the FLE program.

Beginning in August 2016, our members reviewed the entire kindergarten through 12th grade FLE curriculum, evaluated every lesson, and assigned a color-coded grade to each: Green is positive, Yellow is cautionary, and Red indicates parents may want to consider opting their children out.

Please take a moment to review the clickable chart by clicking the table on this page. Once you arrive at the chart page, you can click the respective dot for a particular lesson to get a brief summary of the reasons for the assigned grade of Green, Yellow, or Red. Green is Acceptable, Yellow is Caution Advised, and Red is Opt Out Recommended.

Once you find the lessons on the chart for your child's grade level, we encourage you to review the actual lessons and decide whether to opt your child out or not. We recommend paying particular attention to lessons graded Yellow and especially any graded Red. If you do decide to opt your child out of any lessons, click Opt Out in the blue menu bar, then, on that page, click the blue button for your child's grade, and then print the opt out sheet. Check the lessons which you do not want your child to take, sign the form and mail it to your child's school. Complete lessons may be found at Blackboard:

Green – acceptable
  • Accurate, complete, or appropriate information
  • Promotes behaviors acceptable to parents
  • Age appropriate

Yellow – caution advised
  • May contain information that is inaccurate, incomplete, or inappropriate
  • Age appropriateness to be determined by parents
  • Classroom exercises/pairing with classmates may be uncomfortable for some

Red - Opt out recommended
  • Inaccurate, incomplete, or inappropriate information
  • Age inappropriate
  • Discusses/advocates high risk behaviors with insufficient health warnings
  • Contradicts stated FCPS FLE objectives
  • Promotes practices omitted from stated FCPS FLE objectives


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